Constitutional LawRegulating and Mainstreaming ICT for Kenya’s Socio-Economic Development

February 24, 2023

This article may be cited as;

Ben M. Sihanya (2006) ‘Regulating and Mainstreaming ICT for Kenya’s Socio-Economic Development’ in (eds), Outa et al., Mainstreaming ICT: Research Perspectives from Kenya (1st edn, Sunlitho Ltd).

Information and Communication Technology is the fastest-growing service sector in the world today. Kenya has an untapped potential and the country runs the risk of lagging behind unless some deliberate legal, policy, and institutional mechanisms are put in place to foster ICT regulation, usage, and growth.

This chapter has responded to specific research questions that sought to deal with the challenges of the legal and regulatory environment for ICT policy implementation in Kenya.  These included the need to identify the relevant laws and their adequacy and effectiveness in regulating the sector and their responsiveness to the rapidly evolving technological environment. This chapter has thus identified some of the relevant laws and regulations that support ICT policy implementation while also indicating the gaps. In the final analysis, a case has been made for new regulations and legislation.

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